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Gender Reveals are the latest craze sweeping our hearts. Let's reveal your bundle of Don't get left behind! joys sex in a memorable way. We can browse through reveals that stole your heart away and customize it to make a place permanently in your heart from your very own event! Book Me Now For Your Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal
Baby Shower



Let's build the perfect Baby Shower atmosphere for you and the baby! The food, the games , the music, the table decor, name displays to show off your kids cool new name, and beautiful candy and food arrangements to add a classic/classy ambiance. Book Me for your Baby shower ! 


Sip -n- Sees are the innovative new event on the block ! Where it allows mommy and baby to stay out of the public eye for a period of time and introduce themselves back to society, or for your little angel, first time into society in a big way! And it's a ladylike way to also introduce yourself to light drinking and socializing! One of my favorite events to  plan!

Sip -n- See
You get all three Events and my unlimited advice ,tips, planning help for events as well
Pregnancy Events Bundle!



You get all 3 events, and my unlimited tips + planning help as well. The great thing about this option is that planning for your baby event can be hands free & you don't have to worry before your little once is born or after about having an amazing event.